Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why Unity Empire System?

Why just place food and freebies out for all to use?  Well my own thoughts on immersion role-play are; that the more we can do  in the sim we role-play in to be more interactive, the more believable it is when you are role-playing.
What's more mundane than having to create your own meals, weapons, potions, drinks, and charms?
The oven, potion, wine, blacksmith systems were designed  to encourage players to grow, gather, find their own ingredients, then take them and make food, drink, weapons, potions,and charms. These items and the ingredients can be traded in role-play to add another aspect  that many Sims seem to be lacking in, items for role-play trade and skills.
How much would your Sim be enhanced if every new player could collect  everything to make a weapon, take to the local blacksmith, and pay him to make a sword? Go do business with your local baker, buy cake and bread or pay/ trade to use the bakers oven like they did in days of old?
Start a Market Day to encourage cross sim roleplay.
If your a Spellfire/ Unity Meter Sim these things are possible with the Unity pouch system.

Unity Empire Systems is wholly owned, expanded, perfected  and created by
Warick Falconer , Falcon Weapons Forge, of Inworldz® /Second Life®
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