The Pouch

The Base of all  the Unity Empire System ( UES ) is the all important pouch

The pouch allows individuals to gather ingredients and objects and carry them for use. 
It also allows them to keep sim money and to barter or trade with others for the ingredients they have or need.  
Most ingredients are used to create potions, food, complete meals, or in some cases even explosive grenades.  
Creating these requires sim owners to place cauldrons, grain mills, ovens and other similar objects in areas of their choosing. 
When you first get your new pouch simply wear the pouch and it is ready.   You still cannot wear two pouches at once, however  it will detach the pouch you were previously wearing.

The pouch will hold 999 of each individual item , with the exception of items that directly affect the meter stats.  Any item that affects Health, Stamina, Food or Air, have a maximum of 5 in the pouch and you are limited to owning 5 of each type at any time.

The pouch will now "talk" to one and only one object at a time.

You must touch the pouch in order to use it. 
This brings up a menu with 6 commands.


Drop: With this command you can pick one item in your inventory and drop it.
You can pick an unlimited number of an item to give/use/drop, limited only by the number of the item you actually have.

Reset: *WARNING* This button will reset the scripts within the pouch and will, of course, delete it's inventory.

Inventory: This button shows you the contents of the pouch in alphabetical order

Give:  One of the more useful functions of this pouch is that it allows you to give an item to another player with the pouch.  This allows trade between players and factions.  You can select how much of an item to give. * this is how you pay others for goods and services in role-play

Use: Using an item from the pouch can mean different things depending on the type of item it is.

*Ingredients do nothing for your stats. They can be mixed in work stations that the Sim may set up to make other items. Potions, or food are examples.

*Objects: will be rezed in front of you. You can then touch them or use on other objects to produce a desired effect. This would be things like starting a fire, milling grain, or serving food.

*Grenades will prompt you with the mouselook so you can throw them. Potions of firebomb is an example.

*Foods and Drinks are obviously items when used that increase your meter stats. Like APPLES that you can  find on sim, or Grapes and Bananas or beef jerky which you can make in ovens.

 Save:  This option is used to dump pouch inventory in to a storage chest.* see below


Try to be 4 meters from the object or it may not register in your pouch.

If your trading/ giving someone else items from your pouch try to be within 10 meters.

The standard pouch holds 999 of any one item that does not affect your meter except money.. it will hold an unlimited amount of coin. Things that affect your meter are limited to 5 of each item.

Did you know you can wear your pouch as a hud? 
  1. Open your inventory
  2. Find your pouch
  3. Click on it to highlight
  4. Right click ( with your mouse buttons)
  5. Select  -Attach to Hud- and pick a place on your viewer you want it ( I use Bottom Left)
  6. Now edit  the pouch so its positioned correctly by right ( mouse button) clicking on it in your inventory  and choosing edit in the Object tab  
  7.  Adjust the position so you can see it in your hud by using the Y and Z  up/down arrows
  8. Adjust Rotation  to Y =90.00 and Z=90.00

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