The Storage Chests

This is a storage system for Unity items.
The Storage Chest will hold almost everything.
The chest is meant as a temporary place to store the pouches content Unity has made them more functional for keeping items and using what you need. The "Storage Chest v 1.0" is an all in one unit. If a player sets this out, it can store everything in it, and can then retrieve the items 

Storage Chest 1.0 Menu

 This button shows you the contents of the chest. 

*WARNING* This button will reset the scripts in the chest and will of course delete it's inventory.

 Restore All
Restore sends the inventory back into your pouch and empties the chest.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you are wearing your pouch .

Allows the user to take 1 or 999 of an individual item back in to their pouch
IMPORTANT: Make sure you are wearing your pouch .

To Store:
Wear your  pouch stand as close as you can to the Storage Chest, 
Touch your pouch choose SAVE,

***Important: Give the grid time to catch up with the inventory dump if you're carrying a lot of items and putting them in to/ taking them out of storage. 
Be Aware that lag can sometimes mess up communication between objects and the pouch. Make sure you are in a low lag area when you are doing all this.

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